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Since I rewrote the first half of the chapter, I figured I'd post the original here as a comparison.

Chapter 2Collapse )

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It needs some serious work. If I remember correctly, the fifteen posted chapters fell into the ballpark of ~16,000 words. It had large amounts of favorites but very few reviews (compared to the number of favorites it had). I'm guessing that's because I never put much effort into it.

Well, that's about to change.

I'm going to start work on it tonight, and this is going to be the official post for that.

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Edit: I finished rewriting the first chapter! Hopefully it's much improved, but who knows? (Only you guys can decide I suppose.) For nostalgia, I'm keeping the original here.

I am currently in the process of rewriting the first chapter of Daydreamer's Nightmare, almost completely from scratch. Rather than editing the chapter, I opened a new document and began rewriting it. However, I am copying some of the original chapter over, so it won't be completely different. I also plan for it to end in exactly the same location, on exactly the same note. 

I'll be slowly working the new version into the old version, so it should undergo some changes. (I'm swapping out the first few paragraphs right now.) Meanwhile, I'm going to post the original copy here.

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Want me to write you something for your birthday? Well you're in the right place!

BUT FIRST, there are rules.
1. Please have a Lunaescence account. I'm asking this so that I can make sure that people don't try to cheat the system and request a bunch of times. As a moderator, I will know, so don't try to cheat and make a lot of accounts. I'll catch you if you try.

2. If you don't enjoy my stuff enough to leave a review from time to time, please don't request anything. This is more of a reward for people who give me feedback. You don't have to be the sort of person who reviews everything, but if you haven't reviewed a single thing I've written I probably won't accept your request. Sorry.

3. This won't be going away. So if your birthday isn't until next May or something, don't worry.

4. Give me at least a week's notice. More if you're requesting an update for something that has longer chapters. (For example, if you'd like an update for Life Lessons, I'm going to need at least two weeks. Writing a 5000 word chapter and then editing it is no joke.)

What can you ask for?
Currently I'm willing to offer an update for any of my chaptered stories with two exceptions. Daydreamer's Nightmare and Annoying Attachments are off the table. I'll make a note if this changes in the future, but for the moment, I'm not updating either of those stories.
You can also give me a prompt and ask for a oneshot with the character of your choice, but please be careful with this option. There are a lot of popular fandoms that I absolutely cannot write for and some fandoms that I will not write for. Also, don't give me the outline of a story or information for an OC. I will not write your OC, and I'm not interested in your plot. The more you limit me, the less I will enjoy writing something. If I don't enjoy it, then I won't write it.

How do you request something?
Send me an email at roseus[dot]cynicus[at]gmail[dot]com or send me a message over facebook. (Facebook is preferred.)
Make sure to include: Your username on Luna, when your birthday is, and no less than TWO choices of what you want to see for your birthday (either two stories you want to see updated, or a one shot request and a story you want updated. Giving me two options insures that I'll be inspired for one of them).

Questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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This is kind of to help me keep my timeline in order, but I'm posting it because I figured you guys would be curious. I paired up the ones that are either two-shots or in the same time period.

High School
Chapter 1: Smarter
Chapter 2: Reckless
Chapter 6: Run/Chapter 7: Start Again
Chapter 8: Dramatic
Chapter 20: Sail
Chapter 19: Poison & Wine
Chapter 16: Echo
Chapter 17: Constellations/Chapter 18: Cassiopeia
Chapter 5: Superficial
Chapter 13: More
Chapter 10: Safer/Chapter 11: Stay
Chapter 22: Sirens/Chapter 23: Rise
Chapter 24: Criminal

Chapter 14: For You

Chapter 21: Mess
Chapter 12: Crowd
Chapter 15: Alexithymia
Chapter 9: Dirty Picture
Chapter 3: Heartbeat/Chapter 4: Lovesick 

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Doing some hardcore editing. I'll keep this post both as a reference for myself and a place where you can all see what I've been up to.

June 15

Edited Chapter 8 of Daydreamer's. Got logged out at the end and had to redo it. (My own fault.)
Edited dialogue tags and punctuation (mainly missing commas and comma splices). One instance of 'then' when it should have been 'than' (immense shame D:). Awkward phrasing was smoothed out. (More or less. Some of those changes I made the first time didn't get fixed the second time. =/) I'll hopefully be able to go through this chapter again later. For now I'll move on to the next one. 
No changes were made that would require a reread of the chapter.

Also edited Chapter 9 of Daydreamer's. 
Dialogue tags were edited. Punctuation was also edited. (I fixed any comma splices and added commas where they were missing.) Redundant and repetitive words were removed or changed. Some sentences were rewritten for clarity or flow. 
The ending scene where Kaiba takes his 'payment' for the broken vase was a little rushed. I didn't feel like it fully conveyed the mixed emotions that the reader has for Kaiba. So I added more to that scene. ;D 
No changes were made to the chapter that would require a reread, but the ending scene does have a little bit more action now.

June 16

Edited Chapter 10 of Daydreamer's. 
All dialogue tags were fixed. Comma errors were handled. I ran out of time about halfway through the chapter and had to rush through the second half. The first half was edited for flow and awkward phrasing.
No noticeable changes were made to the chapter.

June 17

Edited Chapter 11 of Daydreamer's.
Dialogue tags fixed, not that there were many to fix this time around. One instance of 'wracked' changed to the more appropriate 'racked'. A random number deleted. (Typos are weird sometimes.) Commas added/removed. Transitions smoothed out. Excessive wordiness eliminated. (I deleted a lot of extra words and my word count still went up. xD)
No major changes made to the chapter. 

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I guess I should start off by introducing what I'm doing here.
Well, A Handful of Bullet Shells is a bit psychological, and I figured that people might be interested in the more detailed aspects of it. This is the first post (out of many I hope) that will explain a detail of the psychology involved in the story. 

First a disclaimer: I am not a professional. I'm not even a Psychology major. I took Psychology in high school and then in college, that is the extent of my knowledge. I will be quoting my textbook at times (because that's where I'm getting the bulk of my basic information) and those quotes are the only reliable and correct pieces of information that will be in these posts. Anything else is liable to be wrong. Especially since this is psychology as it pertains to a world of fiction. I am making a great deal of assumptions on a) how a virtual reality would interact with the human brain and b) how it could have long term effects.
So basically, don't cite me in a paper or argument. I am less reliable than Wikipedia. :D

How Virtual Reality Interacts with the BrainCollapse )
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Okay so, I don't know how long it'll be down for but it's been down all day. The front page was up earlier but now that's down too. D:
IF you requested a one shot from my booklet, maybe drop me an email if you remember the word you requested. If Luna isn't up by the day I was supposed to put up that one shot I'll email it straight to you.
My email is roseus.cynicus[at]gmail.com

Meanwhile, I might also start posting them up on here. If Luna isn't up tomorrow I'll go ahead and do that. I've got the entire list in order, I just don't actually have the names of the people who sent them in. Some of the names I do remember, but not all of them, and even with the names I remember I have no way of contacting them. =/

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I don't know how many people are checking this, but I tried to log into Luna today and it's down? I haven't been on in ages so I dunno if there's an actual reason for this? Nor do I know how long it has been down.

I was going to update Daydreamer's today too. >.<

Then I tried fosff.net and got a fatal error. Poo.

If this problem persists I might post the chapter on this journal. We'll see. I dunno how many people actually read this.

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