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Summer Skin: Song Listing

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So I use a lot of music for Summer Skin. I figured I might post a list of songs I've used in the fic so far as well as the songs that I keep in my playlist for it. (Though that playlist is constantly changing. I add songs whenever something pops up that I think is relevant.)
It helps me keep track of which songs I've already used as well. :D
Two points, for the listing by chapter, some songs are more relevant to the chapters I used them in than others. Like for some songs, only the specific quote was relevant and for others the entire song suits the chapter. There are varying degrees.
ALSO, the list of other songs could contain spoilers. I'm just saying that some of the songs listed in the general list might end up in a future chapter.
*Edit: August 7th.* Songs recently added to the general list are bolded.

Chapter # :: Artist, "Song Title"

1:: Envy on the Coast, "Artist and Repertoire"
2:: She Wants Revenge, "Killing Time"
3:: The Academy Is..., "Ghost"
4:: Evans Blue, "My Damsel: A Confession to an Adversary"
5:: 10 Years, "Through the Iris"
6:: Rihanna, "Shut Up and Drive"
7:: Capital Lights, "Let the Little Lady Talk"
8:: Evans Blue, "Shine Your Cadillac"
9:: She Wants Revenge, "I Don't Wanna Fall in Love"
10:: Funeral for a Friend, "History"
11:: The Shins, "Caring is Creepy"
12:: The Birthday Massacre, "Sleep Walking"
13:: Frou Frou, "Psychobabble"
14:: The Cab, "Risky Business"
15:: Framing Hanley, "Slow Dance"
16:: Gregory & the Hawk, "A Wish"
17:: Death Cab for Cutie, "Some Boys"
18:: From First to Last, "Minuet"
19:: Placebo, "Pure Morning"
20:: Black Lab, "Lonely Boy"
21:: Envy on the Coast, "Mirrors"
22:: Tegan and Sara, "My Number"
23:: Armor for Sleep, "Lullaby"
24:: Funeral for a Friend, "All the Rage"
25:: Chevelle, "Jars"
26:: Breaking Benjamin, "Diary of Jane"
27:: Paper Route, "Second Chances"
28:: Silversun Pickups, "The Royal We"
29:: Imogen Heap, "Wait it Out"
30:: Sara Bareilles, "King of Anything"

Other Songs
10 Years, "The Wicked Ones"
Anberlin, "Feel Good Drag"
Animal Kingdom, "Signs and Wonders"
Armor for Sleep, "Being Your Walls"
Automatic Loveletter, "Let it Ride"
Blue Foundation, "Eyes on Fire"
Breaking Benjamin, "What Lies Beneath"
Breaking Benjamin, "So Cold"
Chiodos, "Notes in Constellations"
Daughtry, "September"
Death Cab for Cutie, "Summer Skin"
Death Cab for Cutie, "Your Bruise"
Evans Blue, "A Cross and a Girl Named Bless"
Florence the Machine, "Heavy in Your Arms"
Flyleaf, "Treasure"
Framing Hanley, "Wake Up"
Framing Hanley, "The Promise"
Framing Hanley, "Photographs and Gasoline"
Hayley Westenera, "Summer Rain"
Hole, "Pacific Coast Highway"
Jack's Mannequin, "Miss California"
Joseph Arthur, "A Smile That Explodes"
Kevin Matisyn, "Marissa's Song"
Lauren Hoffman, "Reasons to Fall"
Matt Nathanson, "Falling Apart"
Oomph!, "Augen Auf!"
Panic at the Disco, "The Calender"
Rammstein, "Benzin"
Sara Haze, "My Addiction"
School Boy Humor, "Paint Me Envy"
She Wants Revenge, "Red Flags and Long Nights"
Something Corporate, "Down"
Story of the Year, "Swallow the Knife"
The Bravery, "Hatef--k"
The Fray, "All at Once"
The Fray, "Oceans"
The Fray, "Enough for Now"
The Goo Goo Dolls, "Name"
Tori Amos, "Leather"
Trapt, "Black Rose"
Vanessa Carlton, "Heroes and Thieves"
Vanessa Carlton, "Wanted"
Yellowcard, "Ocean Avenue"
You Me at Six, "Stay With Me"
You Me at Six, "Fireworks"
Yuki Kajiura, "To Nowhere

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